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When there is a game that you can save it type or / whatever it uses then enter 850000000000/850000000000/850000000000 how many times u type /850000000000 depends on how many things to cheat on. Say if there is Level exp gold then type /850000000000/850000000000/850000000000.  If there is level exp gold and silver then type 850000000000/850000000000/850000000000/850000000000 and if there five things to cheat on then type it five times.   Farm Tycoon:  First climb the giant tree. Then go see the mayor and he will ask you to get 15 wood. (Should be fast if you climbed the giant tree.) All you have to do is cut 5 trees and return he will then give you the mega potato. Return to your farm and switch to mega potato and then plant the crops. Its as cheap as the cabbage But gives alot more money.   Getting the Riddling Skull:  Finish Yorick's Resting Place and WAHLAA! Finish Yorick's Resting Place to unlock it.   Sometimes you can fly things other then planes:  Submitted by: karim ramy  1.Insert a skateboard insert a plane tool ride the skateboard use plane tool then fly   it like an original plane.  2.Insert a mini tank from the insert then use the mini tank tool then drive it out   of the base you will float.   Hint:  Submitted by: Noob  Having Problems with survive through holes with vechiles. Well lucky here. Theres a soulution.{IMPORTANT} You must need a parachute to do the following steps. First when your driving you seem to be falling very fast. When you wanna slow it down take out your parachute when your in your vechile. You Should notice the vechile stops a little bit.   Bag:  First off you buy a round head does not have to be perfection then u buy a paper bag to go on your head. Put both on then u will see a rip in the back of the bag.   Money:  First get 20 or more tix then you go to your homepage then click on trade curancy you got 2 trade more then 20 or more tix but its wont go 20 for 20 its like 20 for 7 but u still get some so enjoy.   How to fly:  Submitted by: will509  So you all know what a ghost walker is, well, How to glide: Jump up off the ground, then start using your sword, it takes a while on the firs one, not after.   How to chat:  Just press "/", type what you want, and press Enter. In fullscreen mode, it's easier to see the bar at the bottom that makes this possible.   VIP Break In:  Submitted by: Mario787  Zoom in all the way and use the "w,a,s,d" to walk and if there is a crack in the vip or what ever room ans use "w" to walk at the crack. It helps for poor people free vip it takes wahile but its free.   Get unbuyable hats:  Submitted by: dude9er9er  Usually, when there's a contest the reward will be robux or a hat,u dont usually have to win to get the hats,you just hav to enter the contest.Or it can be like Yoricks resting place and you will have too get it.   Brick Glitch:  Submitted by: Beastie275 (ROBLOX Username)  Get a 2 by 4, 2 by 3, or 2 by 2 brick then put it under your stomach, on top of our feet. Then move any way and you'll fly!   Hallway Quiz Glitch:  When in a quiz that is hallway style with quiz walls walls on each side of the quiz wall and ceiling (not really needed) and u have a question u dont no the answer 2 walk into the corner and repetedly tap w and i this also works 4 rooms with corners.  Lava Jump:  See the green circle? If u dont u need 2 deselect ur tool and move ur cursor onto ground Click on the ground past the jump and at the same time jump.   Flying without DIEING:  Submitted by: zukoboy335  In some plane games, including luckyglues place they forget to put in a script: That means you 1st: Select plane tool in a game. 2nd: Jump in the plane and jump out. 3rd: Press y and start flying!   Fusing weapons:  Submitted by: zukoboy335  1st: you go to a place with swords,for example:telamon's sword fights on the heights. 2nd: get 2 weapons ready,if icebrand was number 1 on tools and firebrand was number 2 on tools then press backspace on 1 and then press 2 right away and pickup the icebrand. You have to have perfect timing and skill. 3rd attack someone with it and you can see both swords if you triple attack. It has the same effect and makes it so laggy for the other person that it is hard for them to escape sometimes. I learned it from spazz666 on roblox.   Glitchs and tips:  1.Freeze cheat: Press (CTRL)(F1) at the same time while playing a game in roblox. 2.Tip for ambassador: You can use blogs insted of making a web site it's alot easyer. 3.Dance: While playing roblox hold (up arrow) and (S)to do the moon walk! 4.Tip for gaming time: You can only play roblox promo codes for 45 minuts in a game. 5.Hair: Use roll head and ninja mask to make hair. 6.Tip Robloxia news: Don't forget to check out the news on roblox. 7.Tip trade currency: Use tradecurrency to get robux or tix just type in the amount   you want and it will tell you how much you'll get in return.   Planes:  For those who don't know, to fly a plane you must:  * Get the plane/helecopter tool * Sit in the plane seat * Now, you can use the following controls: * Mouse up: Tilt plane up * Mouse down: Tilt plane down * Mouse left: Tilt plane left * Mouse right: Tilt plane right * Y: Start plane * X: Land plane * Space: Ejector seat * T: 180 degrees turn * F: Fire guns * B: Drop bombs   Arms and legs:  In roblox your arms can go through any brick besides killbots and lava. Also (obvious) your legs can hand onto the sides or edges of bricks so you can shimme.   Get alot of points on fall down stairs:  Get alot of points by reseting on a stairs near stairs and body parts will touch teleport and give points but not teleport you up to spawn and you get more points per body part on teleport.   Broken Ninja Mask:  First get the Roundy or the Perfetion Head and wear it with any Ninja Mask and you have a broken Mask.   How to glide down and up:  Submitted by: ThomasOng  (glich) get the mahjor thingy get a jet pack fly with the jetpack use the hammer to destroy the jetpack then you will able to glide down to fly just go on a path and you will be able to fly uncontrlable to get down get the hammer and walla you now know the cheat (warning if you destroyed the hammer you need to die.   Matrix:  Go to some kind of zombie/ghost/noob defense tycoon that has a run tool, gather about 10 zombies or ghosts around you, that will make it a TOTALL lag fest, now jump and use the run tool to do the matrix.   Destroy The Tower:  You must select jet boots and keep clicking get to plane obove building on platform the teleport to ground and you in VIP room.   Easy obby:  To make an easy obby is easy. all u do is put a spawn near you, then you go to free models. Then you type (lava jumps, invisible paths, whatever you want) Then select the one you want. Then you place it in front of spawn(facing away from you) then place it then keep repesting until done.   Flying Secrets:  1.Attach a 2x2 2.4 brick to your upper bit of ur legs and walk. U will start flying! 2.Place a circle of truss beams around u flat n then walk and u will fly!   (The best place to try that is in Build to Survive u know the 1 with the chomper.)   Hairless:  Get the usual Guest hair and wear but use the perfection head along wth it and it looks like u've shaved corners of yah hair off! (this looks funnier with a funny gear, like a pencil)   Cheat Engine:  Submitted by: lavablast1  You must have cheat engine to use this. first select the thing that lets u choose wat ur cheating on (in this case roblox)(u must have a game on roblox running)then select the one that has the roblox logo (the R) then, look until u see a speedhack then check it off. then dont go over 100.0 so i suggjust to go 75.5 or lower. after u write down a number hit aply hen go in the game and ur walkspeed is wat u wrote down!!!!!(the reason i suggest under 100 is for me itle automaticly disconnect me =O)(because it increases the speed of the GAME for U only) (therefor your really lagy to them)(so they might not be able to see or kill or keep up with u)(it may be a little laggy for u).and thats my cheat for begginer cheaters on cheat engine!:O >:) =O   Invisible path:  For invisible path use the green disc, (Your cursor which you get in the game when you AREN'T selecting a tool) and put it over the edge, it should show up, and slowly bring back the disc to your character. Now, for the "Which path is it" or even "Which door is the real one and which one kills you" pieces of the obstacle course, you can press = to drop your hat, or press rightclick and turn the screen through each possible entrance/path. If you see through the end of the door, that is the door to go through. On the other hand, if you're dealing with paths, when the screen hits a solid object, it will zoom in on you; thus you cannot see through that object. that is the right course to take.   Village life:  If your ever stuck on village life you cant get into your house i descorverd a way just go to the first log on your roof and walk to a hey presto yove done oh and to get out do the same but without the roof.   The Invisible Path Glitch:  Have you ever gotten really angry at when you just can't beat an invisible path Here's a way to fix that! Use your green disk (The one that allows you to move) and place it on where the path starts. Move it around, kind of like a sensor, to locate where the path leads from there!   Speedhack:  Submitted by: Ritzbest Email:  Use cheatengine 5.5 play a game in roblox clck a glowing computer in cheatengine 5.5 and click windows list and find (place 1) and then click speedhack in the box and then put the amount speed.but the regular speed is 1.0!!!!   The Underground roblox promo codes War Secret:  In the game "The Underground War" if you are wearing a hat (best with paintball mask) and it covers part of your head then that part will be protected, because when it is hit the hat will fall off and you will be safe. for the paintbal mask, the front face mask will protect you, and there is also a strap in the back that has protection.   Gravity coil:  First get a gravity coil wear it go in a game jump and when ur at the highest point put the gravity coil away when ur about to touch the ground put it back on,the more u do this the higher u go.   Lando's pirates life speed dinghy glitch:  1.Get 8 Coins on "a pirates life". 2.Buy a speed dinghy. 3.While speeding throught the water, drive into a wall (corners only). 4.Smash into the corner at some speed. 5.Keep driving and you will notice that your going through the wall. 6.After a while you will go all the way in and come shooting out at the other end. 7.To get back in find another corner and do the same. 8.follow these 8 steps and you will have super powers.   Obby cheat:  If there is a regen platform next to a door, wall, etc. and it is against it you van regen there without finding a way through. Your avatar's arms and legs can go through stuff so go against it and walk across the wall. you will now regen there so reset and you will regen there.   Go higher with Gravity Coil:  Wear a Gravity Coil and jump. When you are at the highest point, put away the Gravity Coil. When you are about to touch the ground, put it back on. The more you do this, the higher you will go.   How to control Planes/ Helicopters:  =Controls= Y  Start Up. X  Power Down. T  Flip Over. B  Landing Gear. H  Barrel Roll Right. F  Barrel Roll Left.  Note: The barrel rolls and landing gear has a 50% chance of being wrong.   More Robux and Tix:  * First, go and visit Superkittyninja's place 14 times. * On the 16th time, get on top of the mountain and jump twice while pressing [F2]. * Then, go to ROBLOX's crossroads and press F2 again (once). * After that, exit out of that place. * Press [F2] and then go to Superkittyninja's place. * Every time you visit his place, you get 4 tix and a robuck. * From here on, visit his place as many times as you want. * After your done, press [F29 one more time.  Catalog heaven = Speed glitch = Get outrageous sword and kill something many times (preferabbly a dummy) then u have super speed effects eventually get messed with, with certain items idk how but there is a way to get health glitch on the outrageous sword. = Health glitch = The one ik is get the thing called skie its the huge one thats 1500 robux then get dragonshead also equip the skie click then switch to dragonshead quick voila u have health glitch. = Invisibility = Get the witches wand and use it , it should have a green spray attack run into it poof your invisible.   Fly glitch:  First you need Two swords. Then when you get two swords you press 1 and 2 together until your sword falls from your hands. Then when the swors falls from your hand you shrike 3 times.   Build A Flying Toilet:  1.Stack two cubed bricks on top of each other. 2.Jump onto the two bricks and put a toilet onto them. 3.Delete the brick on the bottom. 4.Sit in the toilet and place a floor lamp inside your character. This may take a bit of   practice. STEERING: To start off, tap the spacebar. To steer, use the arrowkeys. The toilet machine will fall if you stop steering.   TIPS:  1.You can be creative and use chair instead of a toilet. Any chair will work. Remember, the   contraption will only work with a floor lamp inside the toilet.You also have to be sitting   in the toilet. 2.You can make a multiple seat machine or a flying house. Anything is possible in ROBLOX!   Sandbox Fly:  To do this trick you jump, and as you are in midair fall and keep doing that really fast and you will float!   Easter Egg  Kill the sniper morph:  * First, go to Team Fortress 2 by Raidenblast. * Second, whatever team your on go to that enemy side. * Third, Take out the sniper. * Finally, Aim and shoot the morph in the head and the Easter egg is revealed.   Muder Mystery Cheat:  You get on Muder Mystery.You wait for the round to end.Then when it does end click menu. Click reset character, then it will bring up Are you sure you want to reset character. Don't click yes just yet. Wait till the countdown reset at 1,2,or 3. Then see if you can spectate. If you can't then it works. Feel free to reset as many time as you want in the lobby. Submit your codes! Having roblox promo codes we dont have yet? Submit them through our form